The Fire Nation

“Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire & will and the energy & drive to achieve what they want.”

Okay, so maybe you’re a bit of a hot head – there’s nothing wrong with that! And we’ve even got the bracelet to prove it.

At the core of any firebender is a volcano’s worth of intensity and passion. Red Magnesite displays that intensity with its blaring red and black-veined visual, but also brings a calming effect to deep emotions. And speaking of volcanoes, Lava Rock also signifies deep intensity, but as a grounding stone it helps to balance these emotions. You’re striking a balance that Uncle Iroh would be proud of!

But let’s not forget the original benders – the dragons! Impression Jasper anchoring this bracelet displays beautifully wild patterns that only Ran and Shaw could create. And if they deem you worthy of the gift of fire, this stone will also help the wearer find inner peace.

And for protection in your next Agni Kai, Black Onyx absorbs negative and transforms it – much like lightning redirection.

This bracelet will create an exciting dynamic of emotion, intensity, and honor!

The Fire Nation