Euphoria - Elation, Dreamland

The 2-In-1 Collection boasts Extraordinary designs that can be worn on either side, that give 2 different perspectives from the same piece. Whether you're feeling Bold, Sexy, Strong, Classy, In Charge or just chilling, this is the Piece of Art that you have to have on your wrist! Period. 

Euphoria - Elation, Dreamland

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  • 8mm Mother of Pearl Focal Beads

    8mm Brecciated Jasper

    6mm Antique Gold Accents

  • Beads - 8mm Mother of Pearl / 8mm Brecciated Jasper

    Side 1 - 5 Mother of Pearl accents beads with Antique Gold Accents

    Side 2 - 1 Mother of Pearl accent bead with Antique Gold Accents